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Term Definition

suturing of the labia


Corset lacing--twisted or woven cord of silk, etc. (earlier called "point" (med.-c17th)


suturing body parts to another object for bondage

Lacing (Lace)

Twisted or woven cord used to secure the corset, usually in the rear.

Lacing Bar

Horizontal bar positioned high enough above a corsettee's head that she might grab and hang from it whilst being laced in. The technique lengthens the body and narrows the waist so that extreme tightlacing is possible.

Lacing Protector

A piece of the corset without boning, or with light boning, the same length as the corset, and about three or four inches wide, depending on the corset size, made of the same color and fabric. Very good for protecting clothing and/or skin from the lacings perhaps pinching or scoring. It also allows the lacings to move more smoothly and assists in self-lacing by holding the lacings firm. In addition, it makes the corset look "finished" when the lacings are not totally closed.


Arousal from lactating breasts.




discussion of sexual subjects


A person that kills in order to have sex with the corpse.



Lap dancing

squatting above a sitting person and rubbing against them to create arousal without touching genitals


a) A sort of long-tailed implement like a whip that can create a stinging pain. b) To fasten something to something else with rope


rubber or plastic suits worn by people with this fetish. Latex, as found in nature, is the milky sap from the sap of the rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis) and other plants.


arousal from the odor of perspiration, especially from the genitals


a) Material made of animal skin b) Term often used as synonym for the gay leather community c) Clothing / Outfit: To put ones leathers on.

Leather Pride Flag

This symbol (introduced 1989 at the Mr.Leather Contest in Chicago) enjoys a gradually spreading popularity particularly among lesbian and gay SMers.


Known to break up cholesterol, allowing it to pass through arterial walls. Lecithin promotes a healthy nervous system.




female panderer or procurer for prostitute

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