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Face Sitting

the top is "sitting" on the buttoms face. The details vary; some face-sitting is simply an expression of dominance; some is a part of breathing restriction games; some is explicitly sexual and the submissive is expected to perform cunnilingus/anilingus on the top.


passing out or losing consciousness


slaves, family


Mental image or illusion, sometimes sexual .

Fantasy Play

Acting out sexual fantasies


(c16th, 17th) A hoop formed of whalebone of other material used to extend the petticoat outward, or a skirt or petticoat covering such a hoop.


Substitute for whalebone made from goose quills.


Sucking semen out of vagina or anus; or inserting animals into anus or vagina


Oral sex on a male. Sexual stimulation of the penis by the mouth, especially by the tongue and lips and sometimes teeth. Cocksucking, giving a blow-job (BJ), going down on someone, being face fucked: the act of sucking or licking a penis, or having a penis inserted in the mouth. Once considered a perversion, now a common vanilla option, but also used among BDSMers. A bottom may perform fellatio as an act of submission.

Female impersonators

men who dress in women's clothing, often for pay


For a man to be dressed and often made-up as a female, either voluntarily or under duress


Remedy for gas, acid stomach, gout, cramps and spasms.


A strong sexual interest in or obsession over some object, body part, or activity. Examples include foot fetish and latex fetish.

Fetish club

A fetish party is a place where people enjoy dressing up in fetish attires, meet to celebrate their fetishes and to hang out with likeminded people.


The practice of using an inanimate object as the focus of sexual pleasure.


Said to work wonders in fighting migraines.


bar that runs through foreskin of male and attaches to semi-circle device, used by Romans to prevent intercourse



Figure Training

Although largely anecdotal, the term refers to the practice, in the late c19th, of sending a young girl to finishing school, where part of the curriculum was the reduction of waist size by the use of (in many cases forced) corsetry.

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