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Term Definition

arousal from traveling or being away from home


arousal from removing clothes in front of others


Works especially well in glandular infections and ailments. Used to treat strep throat.




Arousal from listening to others having sex without consent


to tear out sex organs by the roots as in a frenzy or to punish oneself for sexual cravings


These are particularly dangerous D&S that are looked upon with some trepidation - Often techniques which include blood sports and asphyxia

Edwardian Straight front Corset

("S"-Shape) (See "straight front corset")

Ejaculatio praecox

premature ejaculation


(c19th) Fine threads of rubber wrapped with silk, cotton, or, later, rayon, to facilitate weaving. Used in sports corsets.

Electric Shock

using electric shock for sensory enhancement

Electro Stimulation

Stimulation by electricity: (see also TENS, Violet Wand)


an electrical method of removing hair


Arousal from electrical stimulus.


hasty and clandestine marriage without consent of family members

Embroideries (flossing)

Stitching method used in c19th to encase the bones in their pockets.


Arousal from vomit or vomiting.

Empire Corset

A kind of corselette, straight line, fitted low in the bust and well down over the hips, where the waist and hips are not very accentuated (meant only for the slenderest of figures).


A form of chemical produced naturally by the body that seems to be involved in regulating the perception of pain. The name is derived from 'endo-' meaning internal, and the name of the drug morphine: endorphins are chemically similar to opiates, and one of the factors in opiate addiction is that the body stops producing them in response to the presence of the drug. The detached euphoria sought after and enjoyed by some SM bottoms as a result of heavy paingames may in part derive from the release of endorphins.


arousal only from partners who are clothed

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