Welcome to KinkyKent
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What is KinkyKent?? Who are we?? What do we do?? - Please take the time to read this page.

If you are having trouble signing up, please check your spam box - you should recieve an email asking you to confirm your details -  you need to click on the link in the email. You MUST supply us with a valid email address to sign up.
If you still can't get in or you have been absent for a year or your account has been suspended, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it who will be able to help you.

What is KinkyKent?

We are a group of over 700 people who share a common interest in BDSM and D/s and their many forms. Kinkykent aims to bring together like minded people and to keep us all informed of local(ish) events organised by ourselves and other respectable groups in the local BDSM scene. We recognise there are many different and varied aspects of D/s and/or BDSM, and as long as what happens is 'safe, sane and consentual' we believe D/s and/or BDSM can be a positive influnce in your life, leading you to come to terms with who you are, as well as giving and receiving enjoyment.  We are an adult group for adults only. This means 18 and over in the UK.

We have a members area where you can set up your own profile, upload your pictures and stories, learn more about events and meet others on line.  We even find time for some humour and some off-topic conversations. 

To help people come together in a safe manner, we hold munches (meetings) organised by local people around Kent. The venues for the munches are normally vanilla (that is are in public places with other people about) and safe! The setting is informal and relaxed - we try to make every one feel welcome and sometimes there could be a competition or even a raffle with suitable prizes!!! There are usually 4 to 40 people at our munches, with usually 2 or 3 new people at each munch. As Kinkykent is starting its 11th year, a lot of friendships have been formed along the way making KinkyKent more than just a BDSM club - it's a community. But please note - KinkyKent is not a dating agency or a hookup site for NSA sex.

We aim to meet several times a month as a group. Most Munches are held monthly in Tunbridge Wells, Leigh, Ashford, Folkestone, Margate, Canterbury and Maidstone, and Faversham.  At times we hold other events such as coffe mornings and have had day trips to France, trips to Fetish Fairs, London Clubs, our own markets and parties and our own adult only karaoke evenings!

Details of the KK local area munches can be found in the events listings on the members page. We mention all local(ish) events to give the widest possible choice as we believe its important to give everybody the widest possible choice, in order for the local BDSM scene to grow and develop.

Some people only attend occasional munches, others attend the majority, all are welcome at KK munches. 

Please do browse round the site.  If you are interested, please register and join the growing KK group.